Mandell is known for his smooth and sensual r&b sound

an R&B singer/songwriter from Columbia, Missouri, Mandell's sound has been compared to artists such as The Weekend, R. Kelly, Maxwell, Usher, Chris Brown,  Trey Songz, to name a few.  a multi-talented artist, Mandell writes his own music, including lyrics, melodies, and composition.


A message from Mandell:

In the beginning it was more of a want to express myself through music. As time came closer to today, I needed to be heard. I craved it.. The ear of a true listener's heart reaching out receiving my music. And as I've gotten older, I can't help being blessed. Learning to learn better, breathe better, and live better. And I'm more than grateful cause it's made me stronger and wiser. And even better as a person! At almost everything spiritual or emotional anyway. Which actually captivates the art in me. I am a lot like most artists of today. Ambitious, anxious, dedicated.. But even more like the artist's before yesterday, passionate, sincere, and humble.

I just hope to reach at least half as many people that music has reached in our lifetime. And still reach them long after I'm gone.


Mandell Brandy