My Verse for the Mandell Cypher. Michael Narcissus WoodardLyricsYou could run to the end of the earthI would find you again cuz you're worthEvery mile every bit of the trials and every bit of any pain that I've been feelin when I'm out on the search I ain't nothin' here without you you say "chase me" I'm proud toYou ever even think of that?No matter what I'm glad to do it and I'll take the flackI said I love you and I'm never gonna take it backIt's been a hard route road And I'm on my own but how far I'll go is enclosed in the heart you stole it's the art you hold and no matter what I'll never let it go you're never gonna see a day that I don't try You can run but you aint ever gonna find a place to hide That I wouldn't break apart to lookCuz that heart you tookIs hard to hook I know it cuz it's mine no lie

Posted by Travis Mahurin on Friday, June 19, 2015
Mandell Brandy Hide and seek Cypher submission to

MY SUBMISSION for Mandell Brandys Cypher ..........#HIDEANDSEEK They say the most beautiful things in the world are the things we dont see. Thats why I’m beggin to keep you to myself so i hope you agree. They say Im crazy and it was it seems. If you’ve been in love then you know just what i mean. Hold you in my arms til you fall slow asleep.Just to fall asleep too To hold you in my dreams. I know I play to much. Girl dont mistake this.Playing you is a game i aint playin. I can’t find the words to say it.But the way that i feel needs no conversation.I’ll search every corner and crevest on earthflip over every grain of sand rock stone or dirt They will search for you too if they see what your worth.Just tell me that I’m "IT" and ill put in the work…i'll put in that work.....I put in that work.

Posted by Michael Narcissus Woodard on Thursday, June 18, 2015

My SUBMISSION for the Mandell Brandy #HideAndSeekCypher voice a little raspy but here u go.

Posted by Everett Roberson on Friday, June 19, 2015

Much love to all those who have submitted their verse for this cypher!!Here is my submission for Mandell's cypher for #HIDEANDSEEKLyrics:From the moment I met youBoy I've been trying to be the only one you'll ever wantBy your sideI'll be your lady, your lover, I'll be your playmateDon't ever underestimate the way you make me feelBoy I'll play your gamesJust let me know howI'll do it your wayJust to feel your touchI can't get enough, NoOn your mark, set, GO

Posted by Crystal Brandy on Friday, June 19, 2015


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